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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Miserable of Barcelona

OK, first full week in the office is well underway and faced with constant Spanish from my colleagues (my choice remember, as I know I have to learn) and I’m beyond knackered! It’s SO tiring having to think deeply before every word leaves your mouth, and even more frustrating when what comes out is just the biggest pile of shit ever. I’m wondering if I’ll ever get the hang of this, as the number of occasions just today even when people have said simple things to me, and I’ve not been able to come up with a vaguely proper reply is enough to make me want to tell them to switch to English full-time. I hate the feeling of uselessness when this happens, and I can’t seem to just brush it off as being “part of the learning process”.

The last couple of nights I’ve come home exhausted, and just wanted to sleep. My flatmate has been fantastic and is very supportive, but I still feel new around here and would happily swap everything to get some familiarity back around me again – my own house, my pets etc. I know it’s just the frustration talking but, there you go. I've also got an annoying cough that comes and goes, which is making me even more miserable.

Food-wise too, I’m not hungry most of the time, so although I’m having a decent lunch, I’m not eating anything when I come home in the evenings. Even when I am hungry, I can’t just stroll around the supermarket and buy ingredients unless I know what the end product will be and have it in my mind, and as all the ingredients on offer are unfamiliar (well, most are) it’s hard to even begin. I find myself putting crap in my basket just so there’s at least some food in the house, but it’s nothing that’s ever going to feel the heat of a frying pan.

Not going to say much more except I feel like crap, and hope it all improves soon.


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